Project Team

Principal Investigator

Dr Paul Merchant

Paul is Senior Lecturer in Latin American Film and Visual Culture at the University of Bristol. His research explores ideas of space, ecology, and belonging in Latin American film and visual media, and he has published on topics across Latin American cultural studies and the environmental humanities.


Aurora Moxon

PhD candidate using oral history to explore the effects of dominant discourses, and in particular northern European/ Western conceptualisations of ‘modernity’.

Research Associate

Dr Rebecca Irons

Rebecca is an anthropologist whose research looks into indigenous cosmologies, coloniality, reproduction and medicine, and citizenship in Latin America. She has worked extensively with the Quechua people of the Peruvian Andes, and more recently with Venezuelan migrants.

Project Partner – Centro de Cine y Creación, Santiago de Chile

Project Mentor Professor Matthew Brown, Professor in Latin American History, University of Bristol

Advisory Board

Professor Catherine Boyle, Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies, King’s College London

Professor Thea Pitman, Professor of Latin American Studies, University of Leeds

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